Dumb Ways to Die 1 – New Update


Our Beans have discovered even more dumb ways to die in four new mini-games!

Numpty’s fiery hair has spread to the rest of the building. Bounce him to safety with the trampoline.

Keep appliances from electrocuting Dummkopf while he’s doing the dishes.

Make sure Bonehead drives safely at level crossings.

Mishap’s rattlesnake wants to eat something new. Make sure it’s the bacon!

We’ve also added:

iMessage Sticker Store: Earn coins by playing the game and spend them on brand new stickers of your favourite dim-witted friends.

Ad Removal: Disable popup ads with this highly-requested feature.

Mini-game tweaks, bug fixes and performance enhancements.

We’ll be back soon with new Dumb Ways To Die – thanks for playing!


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Dumb Ways to Die 2: The Games – The Final Dumbtier


The beans are out of this world and exploring The Final Dumbtier. Area Fiftydumb includes 8 new mini-games!

Teleportation Tangle
Stupa and Boffo are jumbled in the energy beam! Match the guts to the beans before they rematerialise.

Acid Moon Walk
Selectively apply gravity to avoid the acid bubbles.

Space Monster Midwifery
Deliver the baby aliens! Belly bursting goodness. Naaaaww.

Plus: Alien Wildlife Photography, Interstellar Tea Ceremony, Countdown Commuter, Laser Satellite Reception and Counter Cow Abduction.

Double plus: we’ve added a new spacey musical theme to the map, optimised map performance on all devices, and fixed some issues with push notifications in the multiplayer arena.

There are now 68 mini-games in Dumb Ways to Die 2! Explore the arenas and play them all


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200 Million Downloads


Be Safe Around Big Numbers:

Metro Trains Melbourne’s Dumb Ways to Die apps have celebrated a combined 200 million downloads.  Passing this milestone is another phenomenal example of the remarkable success of the Dumb Ways to Die campaign which first reached a global audience in November 2012.

The first app, Dumb Ways to Die, climbed to number one in 22 countries including the US, UK, Canada and Australia after it launched in May 2013.  It now has over 120 million downloads and 3 billion unique plays coming from every country in the world.

In November 2014, Dumb Ways to Die 2: The Games was released, taking the safety message even further. It became the number one game app in 83 countries, with more than 65 million people pledging to be safe around trains. The Games now has over 75 million downloads and 1.2 billion unique plays coming from every country across the world

The apps, available free on iOS, Android and Windows platforms were created by Metro Trains with local creative and production agencies McCann Melbourne and Millipede.

“We’re really proud that we’ve achieved the 200 million downloads by working  with two Melbourne agencies both apps are loved by young people across the world and generates millions of hours of engagement with the rail safety message subliminally communicated through game play,” said Chloe Alsop, Metro Trains Melbourne’s Marketing Manager and Head of Dumb Ideas.

”The achievement signifies another leap forward in raising the profile for using games as a means to educate and raise awareness. It might look like it’s just fun but every time a child plays either game their engaging with our train safety message which is still and will always be the main purpose of the Dumb Ways to Die brand.”

200 million downloads

Dumb Ways JR



It’s here – the world’s most loved safety campaign for the little kids!

Before the Dumb Ways characters grew up, they were already making mischief in all sorts of places – kitchens, planes, and of course, trains!

Dumb Ways JR is a global early years play-based learning platform that will help your youngest kids learn about the world while having fun. Be one of the first families to explore the world of Dumb Ways JR – visit to sign up for updates.

Three apps are currently available on Apple and Android devices.

Download Dumb Ways JR Loopy’s Train Set:

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Download Dumb Ways JR Boffo’s Breakfast:

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Download Dumb Ways JR Madcap’s Plane:

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Dumb Ways to Die: Wire Walk



Wire Walk is now available on Apple TV. Help Loopy get back his delicious treats off that dastardly penguin boss!

Make sure to keep your balance and recover your stolen goodies. Watch out for aggressive penguin henchmen, musical bunyips, low flying planes and general electrocution problems… could get messy.

Don’t forget to collect meerkat companions to help you out!