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Botch Dumb Ways to Die

Humble Beginnings

Launched in 2012, Dumb Ways to Die (DWTD) was originally created as a rail safety campaign for Metro Trains Melbourne, before growing to become a hugely successful brand in its own right.

In DWTD, we follow the lives of beans that live with impulsive, gleeful naivety. Dumb, funny and clearly unsafe, it is designed to hold up a mirror to our own dumb behaviour, ultimately helping us be a little safer.


The Dumb Ways to Die Song quickly become a worldwide sensation. The safety campaign video went viral through YouTube, quickly being sharing all over social media.

The theme song skyrocketed onto the top iTunes charts in 28 different countries – beating out the likes of Rihanna!


To this day it is the most awarded marketing campaign in history, winning 28 Cannes Lions awards.


PlaySide & Dumb Ways

Since 2013 PlaySide Studios had been developing the Dumb Way to Die mobile titles for Metro Trains and seeing the potential of where the brand could go, in October 2021 PlaySide acquired the franchise.


By reigniting the nostalgia of those who remember the original campaign and gaining a whole new audience, PlaySide has recognised that Dumb Ways to Die is not just a gaming brand, but an entertainment brand with so many avenues for growth.

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